Industry 4.0

Our industrial digitization software has been created by carefully studying the working needs of the sector and are fully customizable.


Management software is increasingly the heart of a company, but each one has different needs, RF COMUNICA sews it on you.


Our IT skills at your service: we study, design and develop your IT ideas.


By now being present on the web is essential, with RF COMUNICA you can do it with a UNIQUE and high quality image, which will bring you many advantages.


Today’s business operations are data-driven and aimed at customer satisfaction.

Every step of your manufacturing process generates a flow of valuable information. Your production units might use different technologies, thus generating different data formats and protocols.Imagine if you could automate the collection of all meaningful production data in a faster, lighter and smarter platform, that gets rid of complexity, so you can focus on effective decision making.You can do it with COMMES,the new tailor-made Manufacturing Execution System developed by RF Comunica.

COMMES core is flexibility. It adapts to your technological infrastructure, connecting every kind of machinery across any protocol.
All the steps ... of production are integrated into a unified data flow, ready at your fingertips. COMMES establish a two-way exchange with all your software architecture, making your ERP, CRM, and accounting software speak the same language.
In the visual dashboard smart analytics allows you to overview all key parameters of your production at a glance. COMMES manages all your job orders throughout their production cycle,updating automatically their status to all your departments.With COMMES you can send part programs and designs directly to the machine.
COMMES provides an operator access directly on each terminal and workstation, fully integrating human resources in each step of the production.Our software goes beyond the production analysis,with full integration of planned and predictive maintenance, reducing risk of machine downtime.COMMES helps to manage your production data, so you can optimize your business and keep your customers happy.

Digital tailors

More and more companies find themselves buying different software in order to meet their needs or to digitize their reality, but they are forced to adapt their way of working to the software they have purchased, using a lot of time, resources and money.

RF COMUNICA like a real tailor, studies your reality and sews the software on you, creating or customizing it according to your needs

Our solutions

We assist the digitalization of your company


With our software, Industry 4.0 will help you reduce waste, automate processes and keep your entire company under control.


Robotic islands and systems designed for you and managed by easy and intuitive software.


We create your UNIQUE digital image and at the same time we help you to reap the maximum benefits.

Why it is important
to digitize

Digitizing means simplifying and saving by using technology with different solutions according to your needs. Among the possible advantages:
- automation of activities;
- paper dematerialization;
- the best internal communication .

Our collaborators

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